Learning to Create a Web Business

These are my journal entries as I learn to create a web business through my BYU-Idaho online course.

Week One – Finally Learning

            I’ve spent years wishing I could create a web business. Selling things on eBay is the closest I’ve come. I’ve sold about 200 miscellaneous items on eBay, with 100% positive feedback I might add, but I’ve never come up with an actual product or business plan. I simply don’t know how. I’m excited to be enrolled in an online Web Business course at BYU-Idaho where I hope to gain the knowledge I’ve been lacking all these years.

            Week one has already been very enlightening. In the first few days we learned about business models on the web from a site called digitalenterprise.org. The advertising model was most interesting to me, although I still lean towards the merchant model. I’m currently hoping to incorporate both.

We also learned about brainstorming business ideas from a site called bizthoughts.mikelee.org. He lists several methods for trying to come up with a business idea. My favorite was the problem and solution method, where you look around for problems and try to think of products that might solve them. I have ideas, but I don’t know how to turn them into real products.

There was also an interesting Youtube video called Russell Brunson and his Secret Magic Box. He talks about earning money on the web and, if you’re not careful, you could come away thinking the web is about getting rich quick. He teaches that the first page is called a squeeze page and the purpose is to get the person’s name and email and send them to the sales letter page to try to sell your product. On the sales letter page, he adds a continuity program where people sign up to receive something every month and they are charged every month. I personally hate these, so it will be interesting to see if I ever use one. Finally, he says that the best time to sell someone something is after they’ve just bought something, so he offers a better version or more content to what they have just purchased. This kind of tactic makes me irate as the buyer, but according to Russell Brunson, it works 30% of the time.

The most interesting information we were given this week was about Google AdWords and their Keyword Planner for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Someone tried to explain SEO to me years ago and it went right over my head. After signing up for Adwords and completing the assignment on competition and demand between snowboards and chess information, I finally understand the relevance of SEO. I’ve learned that I can use the Keyword Planner to help me decide on a web business idea as far as the competition, number of searches, and cost for advertising are concerned.

Our discussion boards have helped me to try looking at my opinions from other angles. It would even be helpful to ask for opinions from friends and family on decisions I make. They may bring up factors that have never crossed my mind. Ultimately, I want to be motivated by the business idea that I choose, so hopefully I can find something I actually like.


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